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Congratulations on Your New Pup!

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

So you've made the decision to welcome a Coton de Tulear into your family? You are about to be greatly blessed! Cotons make the most wonderful companions and we're so excited to be a part of this momentous occasion in your lives! The first steps in helping your newest family member adjust well to their new home can begin even before they arrive!

This is such an exciting and crucial time for you and your new pup! Coton de Tulear dogs are known to be highly intelligent so training them is both fun and rewarding. Visit my website page “About the Coton de Tulear” for more info on this amazing, loving, loyal, clownish, intelligent, fun-loving breed!! We think they are the very BEST!!

Here are a few cute videos of the amazing Coton de Tulear in training! They're so fun!

1. Training a Coton de Tulear Puppy

2. Dog Tricks by Coton de Tulear Isy

3. Coton De Tulear Puppy Tricks


Puppy Training and Supplies


We suggest a small crate that you'll establish as "bed". I've posted a few examples below. Some of us LOVE to sleep with our Cotons but I recommend that you crate train your pups initially. This training will be invaluable in the future as it lessens the separation anxiety that is so common in Cotons. As you may know, one of the greatest traits of this breed is their loyalty and devotion to their loved ones. Which also leads to one of the few weaknesses that they tend to have...separation anxiety. Giving our Cotons early access to their own space has limited the separation anxiety that our pups experience. If you decide to crate train overnight in the beginning this also helps very much in training them to wait to potty. At first, of course, you may have to get up and let them out in the night but we've found that if you remove their food and water about 2 hours before you crate the puppy they do well and are able to go all night without an accident at a very young age.


Pink Crate at Petco

Blue Crate at Petco


We train the puppies to use training pads from an early age. They pick up on it very quickly even while they are still nursing. Once you get puppy home you can transition into eliminating outdoors by using the crate-training method or whatever method you choose. Later you can reintroduce training pads if circumstances require it and they seem to pick right up on it.

Check Out:

The Labrador Site

Potty Training

This site can help you iron out some of the different methods and decide what will work best for you.

If you plan to continue with the training pad method, here are some suggestions:

We've found that this holder and pads work well together.

Pads at Walmart: All-Star Training Pads

Pad holder at Walmart: Tray Pad Holder

General Puppy Training

Zak George is an amazing trainer. You can find some of his puppy training videos here:

Puppy Training Videos by Zak George

Here is a list of links to puppy training articles/ books that may be helpful!

The 7 Best Dog Training Books of 2020

Puppy Training App from Google Play:

Puppr - Dog Training & Tricks

Food & Feeding Schedules

Here is a link to the kibble we use:


This is available at Chewy, Tractor Supply and several other places.

Changing food: Any time you change food brands you'll want to mix your new food half/half with the old for a while to avoid any digestive issues. (Your new puppy will come with a couple days supply).

Grooming, Bathing and Brushing

Coton de Tulear puppies are surely some of the most beautiful dogs. Along with their gorgeous flowing mane will come some maintenance. Daily brushing will save you and your beloved pet much pain and trouble. If consistent grooming habits are not maintained the Coton's coat will mat and knot in a very short time. If you choose to let your Coton's hair grow long for the traditional, gorgeous, flowing coat that is very admirable you will need the proper tools and a strict schedule! It takes effort to maintain but with daily care this is totally achievable. If life is a little too busy for daily brushing then a shorter, “puppy cut” is probably the way to go. I would say the majority of Coton owners that I know choose to keep their Cotons trimmed in a puppy cut for convenience.


Grooming Options

Coton de Tulear in Full Coat


Coton de Tulear in Puppy Cut

Tear Stain Prevention & Removal

Questions on removing tear stains from face and yeast stains from feet are very common. The answer is somewhat elusive, however, I have many suggestions that I hope will help, if you experience this common problem.


1. Distilled Water

2. Do not use plastic bowls

3. Beef up your puppy's system with supplements (

4. Use eye wash for dogs daily

5. Keep hair around the eye trimmed close to eliminate excessive tearing


1. Angel Eyes products at your local pet store.

2. Whitening face shampoo for dogs

3. Trim dark hair with scissors and refer to preventative tips

A Few Words About Groomers

We have heard many horror stories about pet store groomers and I strongly caution against taking your puppy to one of those groomers. The training and accountability in these places is questionable at best. I would consider the risk to be too great based on the reviews and experiences that I'm aware of. Additionally, Cotons are not a good fit for the system employed by these stores because they do tend to suffer more separation anxiety than most breeds.We highly recommend that you seek out a local, well-established, reputable groomer that will build a relationship with your puppy based on love and trust. Next to your family, the veterinarian and the groomer are the most important people in your puppy's life and I urge you to be very particular about who you trust with your puppy. Look for a groomer who does not cage the dogs but has a small play area for dogs who are waiting. A compassionate groomer will not push your puppy but take their time in getting to know the puppy and building trust with him/her. This type of groomer will be an asset as you seek to develop your puppy's social skills. A talented, compassionate groomer is worth their weight in gold. Whereas, an inexperienced or harsh groomer can do great harm to your sweet pet, instilling fear and anxiety that lasts into adulthood.

We hope this information will be a springboard to developing your own unique program to successfully raise/train your puppy. There are so many awesome trainers out there and we've found that the Coton de Tulear facebook groups are great resources for information, advice and support.

Lastly, we're so honored that you've chosen to purchase your puppy from us. We wish the very best to all of our new puppy families! We hope this info helps your new puppy fit in well and be a blessing. If we can be of assistance in any way, please send a text, an email or call anytime.

PS – We are thrilled whenever we receive updates on our puppies. If you have time to send a picture and update us, please do. We love it!



Buttercup Cotons of Texas


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